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Ensembl Rapid Release is a new site designed to make our data available more quickly. Release of data occurs on a two-week cycle, meaning we can make our gene sets available with minimal delay once the annotation is complete. For each species we provide a gene set along with additional features such as protein feature annotation and BLAST functionality.

It is important to note that Ensembl Rapid Release is by nature not as fully featured as a typical data release on lanter专业破解版下载百度云. Currently we do not provide homology data, gene symbol assignment (which uses homology data), data archiving or programmatic access. We are however working on adding more functionality over the coming months to further improve usability.

More details about Ensembl Rapid Release and the current and planned features.



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灯蓝百度云盘 Camarhynchus parvulus
Clytia_hemisphaerica_gca902728285 Clytia hemisphaerica (Z4C2)


We have 14 new species this release:

  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant panda)
  • Ameiurus melas (Black bullhead)
  • Lantern官方网站 (African grass rat)
  • Lantern官方网站 (Eastern roe deer)
  • 灯蓝app下载 (Peregrine falcon)
  • Hippopotamus amphibius (hippopotamus)
  • Labeo catla (Catla)
  • Martes zibellina (Sable)
  • lanter专业破解版下载百度云 (Indian flying fox)
  • Thymallus thymallus (Grayling)
  • 蓝1灯破解版百度云 (Blunthead cichlid)
  • Tursiops aduncus (Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin)
  • Tursiops truncatus (Common bottlenose dolphin)
  • Tyto alba alba (Barn owl)